Killarney Convention Centre Ambassador Programme



  • Are you a member of an Association, Federation, Society or Sporting Organisation?
  • Could you play an influential role in bringing a conference or event to Killarney?
  • By bringing a national or international event to Killarney you will be supporting the local economy and securing jobs.


We want you to…

  • Help us identify a national or international conference or event
  • The Killarney Convention Centre will explain the advantages of choosing Killarney as a destination and run through the supports available from Fáilte Ireland and local organisations.
  • If your event has an international element you could be eligible for supports and rewards from Fáilte Ireland as part of their Ambassador and Corporate reward programme.


Read our Case Studies

  • Maureen Lancaster – Mindfulness Ireland
  • Fergus O’Carroll – World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)
  • Catherine Brogan – The International Initiative for Mental Health leadership (IIMHL)

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Step 1

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Step 2

Share our message through to all your friends, colleagues and acquaintances and ask for their help:

“I’ve joined the Killarney Convention Centre drive to help attract influential members of associations, federations, societies and sporting organisations to help attract national & international conferences and events to Killarney, do you have any contacts you could pass on?”

Step 3

Come and meet with for a coffee and a chat. We want to know how you are getting on, what you are thinking and offer assistance in helping you turn an idea in to an event.

Call: KCC Sales office 064 6671502

Case Studies

Maureen Lancaster – Mindfulness Ireland

What Maureen Achieved Maureen helped to bring the Mindfulness Retreat to Killarney Convention Centre in April 2012. Over 800 people, of all ages and from all over the world, travelled to Killarney for the three day residential retreat to the internationally acclaimed spiritual leader and Buddhist teach Thich Nhat Hanh. Maureen was a member of a small group of Mindfulness Ireland Volunteers asked to coordinate part of Thich Nhat Hanh’s visit to Ireland. The honour w as enormous, so too was the responsibility.

Why Maureen chose Killarney Originally from Colorado but now residing in Cork, Maureen’s strong Kerry connections drew her to Killarney. Her great grandmother was part of the well-known Tagney family of the Black Valley. She loves the area, loves the people and wanted to show it off to the world. For her Killarney was the perfect choice.

How Killarney Convention Centre Assisted Maureen This was new territory for Maureen, she had helped with retreats and conferences in the US but she had never worked on anything of this scale. Both she and the organising committee were nervous. Luckily we were here to help! Some of their requests were a first for us but our mantra is nothing is a problem.

“When we approached the Killarney Convention Centre, they didn’t even blink an eye when we requested a vegan menu, space on their grounds for walking meditation, space for children’s, teens, and young adult programmes,“ says Maureen. “We started with very little funding and very little in the bank. It was clear; we were not professional event managers. The staff accommodated us with a contract that met our needs and worked with us every step of the way. The food was spectacular and the staff did everything they could to help us maintain the environment of a retreat, including serving our meals in silence. They practiced mindfulness with us!”

After all that work, was it worth it all? … Yes!

“The retreat was a huge success thanks to the countless hours contributed by a wonderful team of volunteers, the skill and willingness of the KCC staff to take on a very different event, and of course, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings and the presence of over 50 monks and nuns from Plum Village, and thanks to the participants themselves who participated and diligently practiced

mindfulness, many for the first time.”

The Legacy For Maureen, the impact and personal rewards of hosting the Mindfulness Retreat live on. “We still hear about the positive impact it had on the lives of those who participated. For me, and the Mindfulness Ireland community, the entire visit was a dream come true.”

It really is that simple.


Fergus O’Carroll – World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)


What Fergus Achieved

The World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) is the only international organization of wind band conductors, composers, performers, publishers, teachers, instrument makers and friends of wind music. WASBE is a non-profit international association open to all individuals, institutions and industries interested in symphonic wind bands and wind ensembles as serious and distinctive mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage. Every 2 years, WASBE has a showcase conference somewhere in the world and in 2007, WASBE came to Killarney after 6 years of planning.

Why Fergus chose Killarney

Fergus looked at venues in Dublin and Limerick but Killarney is a worldwide brand-name that needs no introduction, even to musicians! But the efforts that the KCC went to assure Fergus that they could and would provide everything that was needed was the clincher. KCC even helped in a very big way to help make the conference break even.

How Killarney Convention Centre Assisted Fergus

The KCC assisted Fergus in every possible way. There was a vast array of requirements from 2 concerts daily to lectures, a trade show, a fringe festival and nightly entertainment. It is safe to say that apart from accommodation, food and KCC facilities, every single event during the week-long conference was affected in a positive way by the staff at KCC. Contributions from senior management, technical staff and hospitality staff made the conference one of the best ever for WASBE members. The Killarney conference is still held up as the perfect conference to which all others, past and future will be measured by.

After all that work, was it worth it all? … Yes!

To succeed in such a massive undertaking has a lingering satisfaction, made all the more sweet when the books were finally balanced – a feat that KCC also had a hand in! So yes, it was worth it. Fergus has often been asked when will WASBE return to Killarney and he says the answer is simple – whenever WASBE wants to return, they will be welcome in Killarney but they will have to find another to organise it. For Fergus it was a once in a lifetime undertaking (he thinks)!

The Legacy

Firstly the conference was a huge success, for the members, the musicians and the audience. In terms of the goals of WASBE, 7 years later and the musical legacy is emerging with new musical groups being formed that follow the goals of WASBE. All of the leaders in this new development were influenced by the WASBE conference in Killarney. All have the fondest of memories of the conference at the KCC.

It really is that simple


Catherine Brogan – The International Initiative for Mental Health leadership (IIMHL)


About Catherine

Catherine is the Executive Director of Samaritans Ireland living in Co. Dublin. Her previous position was as a National Specialist Planner in Mental Health with the HSE. A trained nurse in the fields of Intellectual Disability and Mental Health, her previous positions include Development Officer with Mental Health Ireland, Resource Officer for Suicide and Mental Health Promotion and she was also the Acting Director for the National Office for Suicide Prevention in ROI for 9 months.

Catherine has completed a H dip in Health Promotion in NUI Galway, Certified Project Manager and Events Management and has an Advanced Diploma in Personal & Executive Coaching.


The International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) is a unique international collaborative that focuses on improving mental health and addictions services. IIMHL is a collaboration of eight countries: Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, USA and Sweden. IIMHL organises systems for international innovation sharing, networking and problem solving across countries and agencies. The overall aim is to provide better outcomes for people who use mental health and addiction services and their families. The Leadership Exchange is a week-long learning event which is held every 16 months.

IIMHL was held in Killarney in 2010 over the course of four days. The conference was attended by 500 delegates in May 2010.

Why Killarney?

Most people planning an international conference use Capital Cities. The uniqueness of the IIMHL Conference is that it happens across a range of mental health interests which involves small gatherings of people meeting in local venues across the country on special interest topics and then coming together for the main event for the last 2 days in a place that is as unique as the IIMHL experience.

Catherine was a regular guest of The Gleneagle Hotel for many years so when it came to thinking about where she was going to hold the conference The Gleneagle Hotel and Killarney Convention Centre sprang to mind.

How Killarney Convention Centre Assisted Catherine

The reasons Killarney Convention Centre was chosen included the unique location as well as the amenities of the Convention Centre, the standard of service by all staff in the venue from the management to technical support to front line staff. Nothing was a problem and any issues or requirements were attended to immediately. The standard and options of accommodation to suit all attendee’s pockets was met and the standard of food was excellent. The staff were also extremely helpful with providing information to those attending from overseas who wanted to do sightseeing around Ireland.

After all that work, was it worth it all? … Yes!

Absolutely! It was an amazing event and one which the IIMHL hold up as its best since its inception in 2001. I have recommended the Killarney Convention Centre whenever I am asked about a venue. The feedback from those who attended was excellent. They said they never felt so welcomed, the courtesy and professionalism of the team was second to none and I know that they have let people know when coming to Ireland that Killarney Convention Centre and its onsite hotels, The Brehon and The Gleneagle Hotels, are the place to stay.

The Legacy

When I am talking with any of my colleagues across the 7 Countries who attended they ask me ‘when will Ireland be hosting the event again?’. It is the one conference that everyone felt a part of, felt special and where they were also able to relax and enjoy. Personally, having the team in the Killarney Convention Centre supporting and advising me made my job so much easier. I learned so much from the team and I have gained friendships to the present day in Killarney.

It really is that simple

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