Why Killarney?

Killarney Convention Centre is located in the heart of beautiful County Kerry, or The Kingdom as it is more affectionately known, in Ireland’s south west. There are so many positive factors in Killarney’s favour when you are deciding on a location for your conference or association meeting.

Not only are the award winning events team at Killarney Convention Centre experienced, professional and knowledgeable in running a vast variety of events but the wider Killarney business ‘team’ has an unrivalled reputation for collaboration and cooperation when it comes to delivering on our clients’ goals and expectations.

Why should you choose Killarney for your next event? Combined with the team spirit of Killarney’s business community are the, below, distinctive factors that would be very difficult to find in any other destination. How could you NOT choose Killarney for your next event?

  • Home to Ireland’s second largest Convention Centre with a capacity of just over 2,500 delegates and 500 bedrooms on-site
  • Killarney is a location serviced by three international airports, one regional airport as well as rail and bus networks and a road infrastructure which is continuously improving
  • Experience and expertise in staging extraordinary banquets and events in the most beautiful and truly unique locations
  • Purple Flag award for being a safe and vibrant evening and night time destination
  • Highest concentration of 4 & 5 star hotels in Ireland
  • 2,000 3–5 star hotel beds within a 1.5km radius of Killarney Convention Centre
  • 5,000 3–5 star hotel bedrooms within a 3km radius Killarney Convention Centre
  • Free wi-fi throughout Killarney town centre
  • 26,000 acres of stunning national parkland on our doorstep

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