IT Support

On-site at Killarney Convention Centre we have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure to ensure that we offer world class solutions for all conferences.

Killarney Convention Centre is extensively wired in Cat5e structured cabling. These points are ready for the deployment of wireless access points or fixed wired Internet access. All meeting rooms and conference areas are extensively wired to cater for the latest wifi 802.11 networks in which we invested over €300,000.00 in 2014.

All network points are connected to a central IP distribution system capable of providing up to 100 Mbps internet access via the National Metropolitan Area Fibre Ring Network. All premises within Killarney Convention Centre complex are linked to each other via a 100Mbps 5Ghz wireless link allowing networks to share the same internet resources. The wireless link is managed by 75 intelligent antennae that automatically redistribute user traffic to provide a seamless WiFi experience for our delegates in which ever area of the complex they happen to be.

Our technical support team is available to provide a quotation for access to the network, which can be tailored to your requirements. Standard wifi access is available in all public areas including bedrooms on-site.

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